The Morning Metropolitan

Photo by DoctorWho.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

  • Washingtonian updates its guide to Georgetown. Could be titled: The Top 50 Things About Georgetown You Probably Already Knew.
  • GU cedes ground to neighbor demands, will find 250 more beds on campus (or somewhere off-campus that isn’t in the neighborhood–read: Rosslyn) and lower main campus enrollment, primarily by moving a lot of continuing education students to┬ásatellite┬ácampuses. GM tried to take a look at the the new submission, but the website wasn’t working for him. Once he gets a chance to take a look at the new plans, he’ll write something up this week.
  • If Linda Greenan’s job wasn’t hard enough, now she’s going to have to go before the community and ask to be able to do late night construction on Nevils this summer.
  • A ton of people were searching for articles on Serendipity3 over the weekend. GM was up in NYC this weekend, so he hasn’t stopped by, did it finally open?
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