Whither Citypaper’s Love?

It was just last year that GM noted all the ways that Citypaper loved Georgetown.  Our neighborhood was all over their 2009 staffers’ listings:

  • Second Best Bakery – Pattiserie Poupon
  • Second Best Beer Menu – Off the menu choices at Birreria Paradiso
  • Best Frozen Yogurt – T-Sweets (way to fend off all the fro-yo-come-latelys T-Sweet!)
  • Best Salt Bagel – Georgetown Bagelry
  • Best Wine List – Citronelle
  • Best Cupcake – Georgetown Cupcake
  • Second Best Cupcake – Baked & Wired
  • Best and Second Best Jazz Venue – Blues Alley (read it to explain)
  • Best Absurd Window Display – Juicy Couture
  • Second Best Absurd Window Display – American Apparel
  • Best Place to Buy Clothing to Make You Look Like a Cupcake – Juicy Couture
  • Second Best Place to Buy Clothing to Make You Look Like a Cupcake – Betsey Johnson
  • Second Best Place to Ignore the Recession – Hu’s Shoes
  • Second Best Place to See Cherry Blossoms – Dumbarton Oaks
  • Best Media Business Model – The Georgetown Current

How’d we do this year? Not so hot, it’s basically just pizza and wine:

  • Best Macaroon – Patisserie Poupon
  • Best New Late – Night Pizza Now That Philly P’s is Closed – Tuscany Cafe
  • Best New Pizza – Il Canale
  • Best Sommelier – Kathy Morgan at Citronelle
  • Best Wine List – Citronelle
  • Best Place to Pine After Fashionable Men’s Clothing – Lost Boys

Yeah, a lot of the categories are just excuses to talk about things they like, but couldn’t they come up with a few more for Georgetown? How about:

  • Best New Place to Find the Republican Shadow Government Drinking – George
  • Best Pretty-Damn-Close-to-Trademark Violation – IceBerry
  • Best Town-Gown Civil War Brewing – GU’s Ten Year Plan
  • Best Cafe that Has the Guts to Try and Sell Food While Constantly Showing Skinny Models on the TV – Cafe Puro
  • Best “Going-Out-Of-Business Sale” That Was Actually a Real Going Out of Business Sale, Until It Wasn’t – Commander Salamander



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One response to “Whither Citypaper’s Love?

  1. Here’s a few more:

    Best websites on Georgetown:
    1. GeorgetownMetropolitan.com
    2. Georgetownweek.com

    Best Little League Park in the City: Volta Park

    Best Safeway: The Social Safeway just above Georgetown (coming in May)

    Best Volunteers: The good folks at the Georgetown Senior Center

    Best Church: St. John’s Episcopal Church at Potomac and O Streets

    Best Bus Route (NOT!): Bank Street off M

    Best Choke Artists: The Hoya Basketball team

    Best ANC2E Commissioner: Ed Solomon

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