Georgetown Census Participation Good, Not Great

GM was tipped by DCist today to check out the Census participation for Georgetown. You can look up on the Census website and find out how good each census tract is about answering those ten questions. Georgetown’s is already better than it was 10 years ago, but it’s still lagging behind the national average.

Here are the stats:

As you can see, the East Village’s participation is up by 2% while the West Village is up by 5% (but they’re still three percent behind the East Village). The university puts the neighbors to shame, with 75% so far (which is well below their 84% from 2000). It’s not clear, though, who is considered a resident of Georgetown University. In 2000, there were 78 people living in 28 households in the University’s census tract. According to the Census, students probably ought to respond from their college address, so the number should be a lot higher (and thus the participation is really much lower).

You can also see that the East Village is little better than the DC average, while the West Village is a little worse. Both sides, though, are behind the national average. They also are well behind similarly affluent neighborhoods like Spring Valley (85%) or AU Park (84%).

So if you’re part of that 30% or so that hasn’t returned your Census form, get with the program.


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