ANC May Preview: Drink Up Edition

ANC2E will meet for its May session next Monday night at 6:30 at Visitation. If you like long discussions over liquor licenses, this is your month. Oh and streetcars!

License Renewals

Eleven establishments are up for liquor license. The ANC is planning on discussing four of those restaurants: Riverside Grille, Il Canale, Cabana’s, and Tony and Joe’s.

In addition, the ANC wants to discuss the voluntary agreements of George nightclub and the new Crepe Amour/Georgetown Wing Co. Apparently George is asking to terminate or modify its VA (good luck with that). Crepe Amour/Georgetown Wing Co. has undergone a substantial change (it used to be Amma’s Vegetarian Kitchen) so they’ll have to get their VA changed accordingly.

Finally, there will be an update of the ANC’s vote to ask ABRA to reconsider the single sales ban waiver that the agency granted to Dixie Liquors.


DDOT has put forward some pretty ambitious plans to bring streetcars back to the District. The initial plans call for a streetcar line to come down K St into Georgetown. As GM discussed, a group is advocating that a line up Wisconsin Ave. be included in those plans. The inclusion would be purely symbolic since it would probably take a decade (or two) before they’d get around to building a line up Wisconsin, but it would give backers of the line some momentum.

GM informally inquired about getting the ANC to consider adopting a resolution in favor of the line, but was rebuffed. Well it appears that the ANC is going to be discussing streetcars in Georgetown at the meeting. GM’s not sure who is behind the discussion since the Wisconsin Ave. Streetcar Coalition didn’t know about it.

GM hopes the ANC stays consistent with its ostensible respect for historical preservation and supports the return of streetcars to Wisconsin Ave.

Courtesy of the National Capital Trolley Museum


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  1. is the streetcar discussion at the meeting being brought by the cmte of 100?

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