Pop Up Store Coming to Old Neam’s Market

This holiday season, a pop-up shop is coming to the long vacant old Neam’s Market building (or old Marvelous Market Building, depending on your vintage) at Wisconsin and P.

The space will be occupied by two similar shops: Fornash and Toss. Both are women’s fashion brands (the former focues on jewelry, the latter on tote and hand bags).

These aren’t exactly the most exciting holiday markets ideas, but something is better than the long stretch of nothing that this property has offered now for years.

The last GM heard any news with this location was the poorly thought-through and quickly withdrawn proposal to build a condo building on most of the open space. It is a property still with a ton of potential, and GM hopes the owners (or future owners, given that the property is up for sale) will think creatively and not simply slot in some national chain. Or a goddam bank. That would be the worst.

So it’s positive that the property will host a holiday market, even if it’s sort of more of the same of what Georgetown’s already got. Surely there’s a great food market like Glenn’s Garden Market that will transform this space? Please?


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