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Georgetown Needs a Master Transportation Plan

Someday Georgetown is going to have its own Metro stop. GM might be old and retired by then, but it is going to happen. It will revolutionize how people get to and leave Georgetown, finally erasing a decades old short-sighted … Continue reading


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GBA Holds Forum on Economic Development

Wednesday night the Georgetown Business Association held a forum on economic development in Georgetown. It’s a topic that is much on the minds of business owners and residents alike. The panel included representatives from across the Georgetown business spectrum and … Continue reading


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Branding Georgetown

Today, the BID is rolling out its new branding strategy, a culmination of a year-long effort by the BID’s consultant, the Roan Group (and actually the roots of it go back even further). Get ready to start seeing the above … Continue reading


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Georgetown Businesses and Residents Don’t Support Evans’ Meter Proposal

Today, GM turns over the reins of the Georgetown Metropolitan for a day to his friend and fellow Georgetowner Ken Archer to discuss Jack Evans recent parking proposals: Councilmember Jack Evans’ proposal to roll back parking meter rates and hours … Continue reading


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Several Transportation Ideas Proposed Affecting Georgetown

Photo by CascadeFoto. Recently several DC pols have issued some proposals that could significantly impact Georgetown’s transportation mix. Some of the ideas are good, others bad. Let’s start with the good. Up until Chris Ziemann left DDOT last year, Ward … Continue reading


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DDOT Doesn’t Particularly Care for the Campus Plan Either

Last Friday, GM wrote about the stunning report from the Office of Planning calling for GU to house 100% of its undergrads by the fall of 2016. Buried in that news was that DDOT also chimed in on the campus … Continue reading


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ANC Round Up: Right to a Room With a View?

Photo by BoopBoopBoopBoop. Last night, ANC 2E met for its spring session. And like last month, a couple of major EastBanc projects dominated the conversation. This time it was just the Exxon and Verizon projects, but two was enough to … Continue reading


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The ANC’s Anti-Ten Year Plan Resolution: The Transportation Section

On Friday, GM dug into the first section of the ANC’s proposed resolution regarding Georgetown University’s ten year campus plan. That section dealt with enrollment numbers. Today, GM will take a look at the second section, which deals with transportation … Continue reading


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About that Ten Year Plan…

Last night, the ANC held a special meeting to discuss one topic: Georgetown University’s Ten Year Plan. Labeled a factual inquiry meeting, the ANC invited input from the university, the four area citizens associations (Georgetown, Burleith, Foxhall, and Hillandale), and … Continue reading


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Why Not: Set Up an Ice Rink at the Waterfront?

Photo by Kevin H. As part of an occasional series, GM stops to ask “Why Not?” Today he asks: Why not set up an ice rink at the waterfront? The idea came to GM over the holiday as he was … Continue reading


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