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ANC Roundup: An Apple Falls in Line

Quick and efficient, yet thorough, ANC meeting tonight. We had farmers markets, beer, grocery stores, pistols, and fire hydrants. And that was just the first half. It all led up to the finale, when Apple showed up with the tail between their legs and proposed a more traditional design. How did the Commission respond? Find out after the jump.

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Georgetown “Moderately” at Risk from Lead

According to the Post, a report was issued accusing WASA of seriously dropping the ball during the lead-in-the-water scare five years ago. The Post writes:

D.C. Council members asked the city’s inspector general yesterday to investigate whether public health agencies and the water utility “negligently or intentionally” misled the public during the District’s water crisis in 2004 and whether they should have looked harder for a correlation between high levels of lead in the water and health risks to children.

Part of the report identified lead levels by zip code, see how 20007 performed:

Zip Map

So it looks like we had a “moderate” risk, but it’s not clear what that means (it’s a question of intonation). Also, either Georgetown University has nothing to worry about, or they could be worst of all! We just don’t know.

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