Evermay Update


No, GM doesn’t haven’t any info about a certain possible new owner, but another piece of information may have slipped by unnoticed. Owner Harry Belin apparently withdrew his appeal to the Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA). It’s not clear whether this move is a predicate to a sale, but it seems clear now that regardless of who owns it, Evermay isn’t going to be hosting any weddings for a long time.

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Up until about a year ago, Evermay hosted weddings on its beautiful grounds. Unfortunately for blushing-brides-and-grooms-to-be, the new neighbors of Evermay started to get fed up with the noise. Then it was revealed that the Evermay Society, which rented out the house, was in violation of the zoning rules by doing so.

Thus started a long saga for Mr. Belin and the Everymay Society. Bouncing from delayed ANC meetings to postponed BZA hearings, Belin and the Evermay Society kept hope that they would be able to obtain a variance and schedule events for this last Fall.

Delay after delay cause Mr. Belin to announce to the community this Summer that “the Evermay Society, which was forced to shut down all of our non-profit fundraising and event scheduling in December of last year, will not be able to resume full operations until the end of this year at the earliest.”  Notwithstanding this indefinite hiatus, Mr. Belin still had faith that he would obtain a favorable decision, eventually at least. He wrote, “be assured that the Evermay Society will continue to campaign to gain a favorable decision from the BZA for our zoning exception.”

Well according to BZA records, Mr. Belin withdrew his variance application on December 16, despite the fact that he was scheduled to be heard on January 27th.

It was shortly after Mr. Belin’s open letter to the community that he put Evermay on the market. GM always thought there was something inconsistent about putting a house up for sale while simultaneously applying for a zoning variance. Sadly it seems like that inconsistency has reconciled in favor of the less favorable outcome.

Whether it’s Belin, Oprah, or some foreign country owning the estate, Georgetown will be diminished with Evermay’s gates less open to the public.

Anybody have any information on this? Could this just be another delay or is it really the end? Does it mean that a sale is imminent?

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