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The Wheels of the Bus…

Two pieces of news relating to buses in and out of Georgetown to report. First, a few more details on the Circulator takeover of the Blue Bus. Second, a report by WMATA on just how slow our buses are.

As reported yesterday, the last remaining Blue Bus route will be replaced with a Circulator route starting September 1st. All monthly Blue Bus passes will no longer be valid. Normal Circulator fares will be in place (i.e. $1 for adults/50 cents for senior or disabled riders). Free transfers from other Circulators will be allowed for three hours. Free transfers from normal Metrobuses will be allowed for 2 hours. Transfers from Metrorail will by 50 cents. Continue reading


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The Morning Metropolitan

Photo by Jay[n].

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:


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The Morning Metropolitan

Flood walls at the waterfront by M.V. Jantzen.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

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That’s It For D Series Changes

Last week GM detailed some changes to the D Series bus schedule. One thing that confused him was that WMATA had been contemplating changes for the D Series for quite some time. Yet the changes announced last week appeared to be part of a systemic not targeted change. The website for the D Series study is now essentially wiped of all mention of the D Series Study.

GM reached out to WMATA and got confirmation that the changes announced last week are indeed the end result of this year’s study. Following his inquiry a press release was issued clarifying the matter.

This is a little odd since the changes announced last week only partially resemble the changes considered last winter. Here’s how the two plans break-down:

The Original Plan:

  • Extend the D2 to Union Station (this was pulled from consideration last March)
  • Cut the D6 up into two pieces, with every third westbound D6 ending at Dupont
  • Extend the D4 all the way from Ivy City to Sibley
  • Small rerouting fixes

The Plan Announced Last Week

  • Keep D2 the same, but stop the D1 at Federal Triangle
  • Introduce two short trip D6 routes that split the overall route at Farragut
  • The D3 no longer will go to Georgetown (it’s a reverse commuter route that primarily is designed to serve DCPS students), it will stop at Dupont
  • The D4 will not reach Georgetown; it will end at Franklin Square
  • D5 will extend its nighttime hours. WMATA is a little tricky about describing this. In the release they describe it as “Two additional westbound buses will be scheduled to depart at 3:20 and 6:55 p.m. from Farragut Square.” That would sound like they’ve added two new buses to the schedule. In fact they only added one more bus; they extended the schedule a little further more by extending the headways (i.e. the wait between buses).
  • No short cuts announced Continue reading


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WMATA Announces Dramatic Changes to Metrobus Routes

Today WMATA announced a raft of changes to Metrobus routes throughout the region. Some of the changes directly affect Georgetown residents. They will take effect December 27th. If you ride the D Series, keep reading.

The D1

The most dramatic change affecting the D Series is that the D1 will now only go from Glover Park to Federal Triangle instead of Union Station. As WMATA announced:

The route will be changed to operate between Glover Park and Federal Triangle. Eastbound buses will follow the regular route from Glover Park to 13th and E Streets, NW, then continue via 13th Street onto Pennsylvania Avenue to the terminal stand on the west side of 10th Street, NW. The westbound route will begin at this terminal stand and continue via Constitution Avenue, 12th Street, Pennsylvania Avenue, 13th Street and resume the regular route.

Two new buses will be scheduled to leave eastbound from Glover Park at 9:05 a.m. and westbound from Federal Triangle at 7:05 p.m. The bus schedule will change.

This announcement seems to indicate that two buses will leave at the same time from Glover Park at 9:05 AM and from Federal Triangle at 7:05 PM.  Those are odd times to double up the load. Wouldn’t it make more sense to double up buses before 9:00 AM and closer to 5:00 PM? Continue reading


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Obscure Blogger Effects Minor Change!

The D2 Remains the Same

GM was informed today that the ANC will address the D Bus study after he bugged them about it. It’s not clear whether they will adopt a resolution against the change to to the D2 (WMATA’s thinking about turning it into a cross-town route). But it may not be necessary. According to reader Brian, WMATA got an earful from a group of Glover Park residents angry about the proposed change. They are significantly more dependent on the D2 than Georgetown is. A decrease in service levels would affect them greatly, and probably put a lot of them back into cars. Apparently the WMATA rep left the Glover Parkers (Parkonians? Parkistanis?) with the impression that Metro would drop the proposal.

Let’s hope that ANC2E will weigh in and put it beyond doubt. Thanks goes to Commissioners Lewis, Starrels, and Eason for getting this on the agenda.


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Summary of D Series Community Meeting

D Series Changes Coming

Last night was the second of the community meetings with WMATA over possible changes to the D Series lines. For a review, check this out. The consultants got an earful about some changes, and it’s pretty clear the next proposal will be different. Check it out after the jump:

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