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Counting Georgetown: Getting to Work

Today, GM digs back into the recently released American Community Survey results issued by the Census Bureau. Specifically, GM is going to explore one of his favorite topics: transportation.

Last year, GM reported that the numbers showed a dramatic reduction of Georgetowners driving to work and a smaller, but still significant, jump in transit use. He is somewhat sorry to say that some of those trends reversed themselves this year.

Here are the year to year comparisons:



Drove Total



     Drove Alone















At Home



The driving totals went almost back to where they were in 2009 and the transit cohort shaved off a few percentages. “Other” is up pretty significantly, which probably reflects the growing numbers of bike commuters.

Before you jump to a conclusion that something happened in 2011 to change people’s behaviors, remember that each of these results reflects a running five year average. So when the 2011 numbers say 23.05% of Georgetowners took transit, it’s really saying that from 2007 to 2011, an average of 23.05% of Georgetowners took transit. So while shifting up a year would affect that somewhat, it’s not a “snapshot”.

The long term trends, though, are still towards transit, walking and “other” (which, on top of biking, also includes motorcycling, Segwaying, and whatever else doesn’t involve a car or public transit.) Continue reading



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The Morning Metropolitan

Photo by tvol.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

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Georgetowners Continue to Get to Work More and More Without Driving

Last year, GM took a look at the then new Census numbers which for the first time produced reams of datasets for communities as small as Georgetown. One of those data sets GM took a particular interest in was the dataset stating how Georgetowners get to work. Here’s what GM found last year about the daily transportation choices Georgetowners make:

  • Drive to work – 40%
    • 35% drive alone
    • 4% carpool
  • Transit – 22%
  • Bike – 3%
  • Walk – 25%
  • Other – 10% (mostly people who work at home)

This data came from the American Community Survey, which uses samples to arrive at their results. Unlike the Census itself, which is a snapshot every ten years, this data represents an average over five years. So last years numbers essentially were saying that on an average day between 2005 and 2009, this is how Georgetowners traveled.

Last December the new numbers were released. These are also averages over five years, but now it’s 2006 to 2010. So while it’s not a snapshop, comparing the numbers to the previous year shows which direction the numbers are going. So without further ado, here are the updated numbers: Continue reading


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WMATA Planning Some Changes to Georgetown Bus Routes

As reported by GGW, WMATA is now considering some changes to a host of bus lines. Metro is characterizing the changes as “adjustments” but in many cases a better description would be “cuts”. And some of those cuts will fall on Georgetown bus riders. But some proposed changes may actually benefit them.

First the bad: Metro wants to cut back weekend late night service on the D2 (Glover Park-Dupont) and the G2 (GU-Howard U). From Metro’s memo, what qualifies as “late night” is not specified. But GM hopes it is after midnight, at least.

Also on the bad side: Metro wants to extend the headways (i.e. the wait between buses) on the morning D1 route (Glover Park-Fed Triangle) from 8 to 10 minutes. Continue reading


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Georgetown to Receive Four Capital Bikeshare Stations

The District is rolling out a new bike sharing system this fall. It has been dubbed Capital Bikeshare and it will replace the successful, but limited, SmartBike program that was introduced in 2008. Capital Bikeshare will have 100 stations in the District, which will be a ten-fold increase over SmartBike (there will be an additional 14 stations in Arlington-mainly in the Crystal City corridor). Today DDOT announced the proposed locations of the District stations. Under those plans, Georgetown would receive four stations, as you can see above. Continue reading


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ANC May Preview: Drink Up Edition

ANC2E will meet for its May session next Monday night at 6:30 at Visitation. If you like long discussions over liquor licenses, this is your month. Oh and streetcars!

License Renewals

Eleven establishments are up for liquor license. The ANC is planning on discussing four of those restaurants: Riverside Grille, Il Canale, Cabana’s, and Tony and Joe’s.

In addition, the ANC wants to discuss the voluntary agreements of George nightclub and the new Crepe Amour/Georgetown Wing Co. Apparently George is asking to terminate or modify its VA (good luck with that). Crepe Amour/Georgetown Wing Co. has undergone a substantial change (it used to be Amma’s Vegetarian Kitchen) so they’ll have to get their VA changed accordingly.

Finally, there will be an update of the ANC’s vote to ask ABRA to reconsider the single sales ban waiver that the agency granted to Dixie Liquors. Continue reading

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Washington Fine Properties Reinvents the Word “Block”

GM was browsing the real estate listings on the back of the Georgetowner the other day and he came across this puzzling listing:

The home is a modest two bedroom row house, virtually identical to dozens and dozens throughout Georgetown (particularly the East Village). But this home offers something that no other house in Georgetown can: a two block walk to the Metro!

Wait a minute, what?

Two blocks to the Metro? How is that possible?

This house is on 26th just above P St. What is the walk to the Metro from there? Continue reading


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The Morning Metropolitan

Winterberries by Alykat.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

  • Philly Pizza loses appeal to the BZA regarding its operations as a restaurant, apparently forcing it to close. More here.
  • D1, D2, and G2 buses still curtailed. (The D1 and the D2 turns back towards Georgetown at 35th and Whitehaven. The G2 turns back eastward at Wisconsin Ave.)
  • Huge trees fall on the canal towpath.


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The Morning Metropolitan

Clock on P St. by M.V. Jantzen.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

  • Steel beams are being installed at 1290 Wisconsin, dispelling any suspicions that Apple has decided to pull out.
  • Metrobuses appear to be running normal routes as of today, but congestion on Wisconsin may force some of the 30 series buses to reroute through the East Village.
  • Reports that the old snow totals for Washington used to be measured at Georgetown is yet another example of journalistic laziness (it was really in the West End).



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The Morning Metropolitan

Whitehaven St. Parking Meter by Meta-Man.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

  • GU demolished by GWU in Rose Park snowball fight.
  • 30 Series and Circulator are the only transit options today.


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