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Hurt Home Becomes the Montrose, Construction Begins


DC Mud reported yesterday that construction is finally beginning (this morning) on the Hurt Home and that the building is going to be redubbed “the Montrose”.

DC Mud wrote that there were no details on the layout or pricing of the 15 units, but that construction is planned to be complete by the end of 2013.

GM did actually get his hands on some unit plans that were shown to the Old Georgetown Board last year. Perhaps they weren’t the final final plans but they probably give a sense for what they will look like. Continue reading



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ANC Preview: Georgetown Heights’ Time to Shine

North east Georgetown (which was historically called Georgetown Heights) doesn’t get talked about a whole lot at ANC meetings. There aren’t any bars there. There are hardly any students. And those two issues alone account for a large percentage of most ANC discussions.

Well next meeting that changes. Northeast Georgetown is the subject of each one of the New Business items on the agenda (well, 4 out of 5 if you don’t count Rose Park as northeast Georgetown, which it isn’t quite).

Here’s what they are:

  • The Hurt Home is on the agenda to discuss widening the curb cut to the alley. Some neighbors think this is essential since the alley itself will be widened. DDOT, however, has said widening the curb cut isn’t appropriate.
  • The Friendly Estate was deemed to be vacant and blighted by the city, resulting in a gigantic tax bill. The new owner wants it reclassified back to occupied and not blighted. It’s not clear whether they will either: A) occupy it or B) make it not actually blighted, before they want the reclassification.
  • Proposed changes to late night bus schedules for D2 and G2 (OK G2 isn’t really northeast Georgetown either). The ANC has successful prevented cutbacks in the past, but GM’s not sure they can do that now.
  • 3029 Q St. apparently wants a curb cut, which both the ANC and DDOT has generally opposed.
  • Rose Park Master Plan

And that’s all just the new business! MRP Realty will be back with modified plans for their overhaul of Washington Harbour. That long promised boutique hotel on 31st St. will present its first plans. And, as always, plenty more.

Here’s the draft agenda: Continue reading

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City Brings Ice Rink to Georgetown

A little while back, GM wondered whether it wouldn’t be a good idea to bring an ice rink to Georgetown. Well the city has taken him up on that idea. Just not exactly the way he imagined.

You see, while the city has plans to sell the Hurt Home to Argos Group to be converted into condos, it still owns the property. And ever since we started getting snow and ice storms a few weeks ago, the sidewalk outside the Hurt Home has been a solid slab of pure ice. Continue reading


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ANC Round Up: Good PR Edition

DC Triathlon by Arjubx.

Once more unto the triathabreach!

Last night the ANC met for its first session for the futuristically sounding year 2011. And pretty much right at the top of the agenda was a resumption of the dispute over triathlons in Georgetown.

For those of you who missed it last month, the ANC demanded to know how much the for-profit enterprise that runs the DC Triathlon (and the Nations Triathlon) donates to charity. In particular they wanted to know roughly what percentage of the event’s revenues went to charity. The owner of the company, Charles Brodsky, refused to answer the question, so the ANC told him to come back when he could.

Skip to last night. Representatives of the triathlon, Molly Quinn and Jill Hansen (Brodsky wasn’t there), talked up the merits of the organization that benefits from the charity (which they also run) called Achieve Kids Tri. As part of the presentation, Quinn asked a little girl named Eliza Bowling to come up and give a speech about her experiences with Achieve and how it helped her fight her own childhood obesity.

It was a move of brilliant audience misdirection. Why? Because Bowling had the crowd in her hand talking about how she has already run several triathlons and dropped her BMI significantly. She was great and GM congratulates her on her achievements and her skillful public speaking. But it was almost completely irrelevant. Nobody doubted the merit of the recipient of the charity. That wasn’t the question. The question was whether that recipient was getting enough of the money flowing through the event to justify turning over a public good to a private enterprise. Continue reading


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Details on the Hurt Home Condos

As GM mentioned yesterday, the Argos Group is presenting its plans for the Hurt Home to the ANC and Old Georgetown Board next week. GM got a copy of those plans; here’s what’s in them.

The general framework of the plan is the same as it was when it was giving the public nod in the summer. Namely, the building will be converted into 15 condos. The condos will be contained within the original building and the 1924 addition (which is the part of the front facade that juts out to the east, but which looks the same as the rest of the facade). The other later additions to the back of the building will be removed. Thirty parking spaces will be constructed by adding to the existing surface lot.

Here are some new details:

Here is the plan for the parking lot. The existing lot is the light gray part and the darker gray is the proposed additions. Despite the fact they are proposing increasing parking spots by about 50%, the actual area of the lot appears to grow much less than that (particularly in the direction of the grassy area). The plan calls for the use of permeable surfaces such that the total amount of impermeable surface may be lower after the changes. Continue reading


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ANC Preview: New Faces Edition

Next Monday, the ANC will meet for the first time in 2011. This will be the first meeting for the two new members of the ANC: Jake Sticka and Jeff Jones. They’ll get to jump right into since this is decently meaty and potentially dramatic meeting.

DC Tri-it-again-thlon

You may recall that last month things got pretty awkward at the meeting with the ANC challenged the owner of the DC Triathlon, Charles Brodsky, to disclose just how charitable his triathlons are. He refused to even give a rough estimate. The ANC was dubious and told him to come back next month (i.e. now) with some more meat on the bone in terms of just how charitable the race is (the reason the charitable level is even an issue is that the ANC is trying to make it a standard by which they will approve or oppose special events that shut down Georgetown streets).

Adding to the tension is the fact that Brodsky is on the ABC board. The fact he stuck around after the discussion of his event to hear ABC matters discussed drew even more controversy.

So according to the agenda, the DC Triathlon will be discussed (GM’s not sure why the other triathlon run by Brodsky, the Nation’s Triathlon, is not on the agenda). Will the ANC grill Brodsky again? Will he come prepared to actually answer questions that he really ought to be able to answer? We’ll see. Continue reading

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The Morning Metropolitan

Photo by Thisisbossi.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

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Kicking a Guy When He’s Down

This large sign has been sitting outside the Hurt Home since the summer. After the primary some wiseacre has modified this sign to kick Fenty when he’s down. If you can’t make it out, it says “Adrian M. Fenty, Ex Mayor” and later it reads “Creating Economic Opportunities for the District of Columbiafraternity brothers.”

Whoever wrote it must be very pleased with himself since after writing it initially, he came back with a darker pen and traced over his opus to make it easier to read.

For what it’s worth, there haven’t been any accusations that Argos Group is in anyway connected with Fenty’s fraternity.

GM doesn’t support graffiti like this, but really, these vanity signs are pretty bad in the first place. They use public funds to serve one purpose: increase the mayor’s approval rating. This one is particularly bad since: A. Fenty’s name is about 50% larger than all the other text, B. It provides no useful information about the project, and C. It’s freaking huge.

GM hopes (but doesn’t expect) that Vincent Gray won’t waste our money on self-congratulatory signs like this.


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The Morning Metropolitan

Photo by ThisisBossi.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

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The Morning Metropolitan

Dumbarton Oaks Pre-Columbian Section by John Weiss.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:


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