IceBerry: Fun Design or Eyesore?

IceBerry - The Dayglow Makes it Tastey

At last night’s ANC meeting, the proprieter of the new frozen yogurt shop at the corner of 30th and M came to request the permission to install some awnings. The ANC rejected the proposal (and it didn’t matter because there’s an historic easement on the property that would bar it too. Even for an old building on M St., this place is pretty damn historical.)

While discussing the proposal, Commissioner Starrels said that he thought the current paint scheme was great. GM thinks it’s an eyesore (Maybe that’s just cause he’s still a bit salty over the loss of the CD Warehouse). What do you think of the dayglo paint job: fun or eyesore?


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5 responses to “IceBerry: Fun Design or Eyesore?

  1. SG

    I think it’s pretty fresh- though I tend to like vibrant colors (especially painted brick)

  2. Melissa

    Agree w/ GM — definitely an eyesore.

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