The Milkman Cometh to Georgetown

The Milk Man Cometh

Sharp-eyed walkers may have noticed a few white boxes hanging around Georgetown stoops like the one above. What is it? If you can believe it, it’s for a milkman and you too can get milk delivered like it’s 1930. Find out how after the jump:

The milkman is none other than South Mountain Creamery in Middletown, MD. They began delivering milk in 2001 and as of 2008 have over 3000 customers.

They deliver all over the DC-metro area and as far away as Harpers Ferry. For them to deliver to a particular neighborhood in DC, however, there needs to be enough people living there that want to sign up.  Luckily Georgetown already has enough customers.

The deliveries come weekly (the day depends on what neighborhood you live in) and the delivery charge is $3.75 (Safeway’s delivery charges vary, but they start higher than that).

Customers report high satisfaction with the milk.  And when’s the last time you drank milk out of a glass bottle?

While they may not be able to satisfy you raw milk fans out there (they pasteurize it) they do offer non-homogenized milk and the cows are hormone free. And beyond milk they offer a variety of dairy items like cheese and butter as well as wide assortment of non-dairy items like eggs, jellies, meat, and bread.

GM called South Mountain Creamery to inquire about the set-up.  They indicated that they inform you of what day your neighborhood receives deliveries. You can buy one of their boxes, as seen in the photo, or provide your own box or cooler.  For those that don’t have a good spot outside their door for a box or cooler, you can give them your front door key and you can leave the cooler just inside.

You live in a historic neighborhood, why not take a step back in time and get yourself a milkman?

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