City Paper Staff ♥ Georgetown

The Washington City Paper released its Best of D.C. 2009 listings this week. The twist they’re adding this year is to focus more on the runner-ups than on the actual winners. For a Georgetown angle, consider that despite the fact that most City Paper staffers are probably more inclined to spend a day or night out in Columbia Heights or U St., Georgetown does surprisingly well on their staff picks (don’t even waste your time with their reader surveys. Like all reader surveys, theirs is predictably useless). Find out what parts of Georgetown the cool kids at City Paper would be caught dead in.

Here are all the categories that a Georgetown esblishment shows up as first or second in the eyes of the WCP staffers:

  • Second Best Bakery – Pattiserie Poupon
  • Second Best Beer Menu – Off the menu choices at Birreria Paradiso
  • Best Frozen Yogurt – T-Sweets (way to fend off all the fro-yo-come-latelys T-Sweet!)
  • Best Salt Bagel – Georgetown Bagelry
  • Best Wine List – Citronelle
  • Best Cupcake – Georgetown Cupcake
  • Second Best Cupcake – Baked & Wired
  • Best and Second Best Jazz Venue – Blues Alley (read it to explain)
  • Best Absurd Window Display – Juicy Couture
  • Second Best Absurd Window Display – American Apparel
  • Best Place to Buy Clothing to Make You Look Like a Cupcake – Juicy Couture
  • Second Best Place to Buy Clothing to Make You Look Like a Cupcake – Betsey Johnson
  • Second Best Place to Ignore the Recession – Hu’s Shoes
  • Second Best Place to See Cherry Blossoms – Dumbarton Oaks
  • Best Media Business Model – The Georgetown Current (ok, it’s the whole Current empire)

OK some of those are tounge-in-cheek, but mostly they’re genuine endorsements. The cherry blossom recommendation is particularly spot on. For the last 3-4 days of the blossom season you can sit on that hill and it’s like it’s snowing.


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