Nathans Lives to See Another Day

Nathan's to Remain Open

GM hasn’t stated it directly, but it’s worth celebrating, at least a little bit, that today, April 1st, Nathans lives to see another day. As you may remember, today was supposed to be the end of Nathans. The lease was supposed to expire last night. As any reader of Carol Joynt’s blog could tell you, it appears that long negotiations with the landlord have resulted in a stay of execution for the restaurant. While the details are not widely known, Joynt told WUSA recently that “I think you’ll see us here for the foreseeable future, but it’s also predicated on the economy not getting worse.”

Not exactly the most optimistic words, but nonetheless today we all have something to celebrate because Nathans lives on.


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3 responses to “Nathans Lives to See Another Day

  1. Shipsa01

    Is this kind of like “if a tree falls in the woods” news? I understand that Nathans is somewhat of a Georgetown landmark, but does anyone go there anymore. Besides the usual weekend nights in which any bar on the strip would do well, I just don’t feel that I see anyone there when I walk by – or visit.

    In fact I gave it another shot last Thursday and it was so dead that my friend pleaded to leave. I felt sorry for Matt Brown who was sitting on the other side of the bar because there was no one to serve. We then walked by JPaul’s, which was packed and then into Clydes, which was packed. After a few drinks I walked back up Wisconsin and noticed Martins was packed. Just an observation.

  2. GM

    I see your point, but one thing to remember is that it’s not likely that a J.Paul’s or a Clydes-type place would move into that space if Nathans were to be kicked out. The rumors were that it was going to be a T-Mobile store. Whether it’s T-Mobile or some chain clothes store, there’s little chance that the replacement would be the neighborhood asset that Nathans is. I find that I’m more likely to run into a neighbor (and see others run into their neighbors) at Nathans than J Pauls or Clydes (but not Martins, that’s a locals hangout too).

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