Greater Georgetown – Open Table Edition

As part of an ongoing, if infrequent, series the Georgetown Metropolitan attempts to document the more egregious examples of people and places claiming to be in Georgetown that are clearly not. Today GM explores The convenient restaurant reservation finder is pretty lax in its geographic boundaries. Check out what restaurants are identified as being located in Georgetown:

  • Chef’s Goeff’s – 3201 New Mexico Ave.: GM did a double-take when he saw this. Chef Goeff’s, are you kidding? That’s all the way up in Wesley Heights. That’s at least three neighborhoods away from Georgetown. And it’s not like Wesley Heights is a rough-around-the-edges neighborhood looking to steal Georgetown’s thunder: it’s one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the city. Sure, they’re about to lose Balduccis, but that’s no reason to stretch geography like that.
  • The Juniper at the Fairmont – 2401 M St.: While the West End is closer to Georgetown than Wesley Heights, it’s still on the other side of Rock Creek. (Let it be known that Opentable has a “West End” category).
  • Town Hall – 2218 Wisconsin Ave.: This Glover Park establishment has firmly established itself as Smith Point North. With so many of the SP crowd hailing from Glover Park, it was inevitable that they’d eventually find a more convenient location to set up camp. This, however, doesn’t change the fact that it’s not Georgetown.

In defense of Chef Goeff’s and Town Hall, there are no categories for Wesley Heights or Glover Park. So it’s not their fault, but rather OpenTable’s. Hey OpenTable, how about you update that map of yours?


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