BID Budgets Up to $100,000 for Overtime Cops

The Georgetown Current reported yesterday that the Georgetown BID resolved to budget up to $100,000 for the coming months to hire off-duty MPD police officers to patrol Georgetown streets during “peak hours”. Unlike the CAG Neighborhood Guards program, these officers will still have all the powers of a normal cop to arrest suspects, etc.

The reimbursable detail program has changed a lot over the years. It came to Georgetown in 2006 through the leadership of CAG (interestingly, according to the minutes, when it went before the ANC for consideration, Tom Birch [then not a Commissioner] announced his opposition to it on egalitarian grounds. Only Commissioner Eason voted against a resolution supporting CAG’s request.)

According to a Citypaper article from a few years ago, the average overtime rate for the officers is $55.71 hour. At that rate, the BID would be purchasing nearly 1,800 officer-hours of added protection. While it’s not clear from the Current article over what period of time the $100,000 is budgeted for, assuming it’s a year, that works out to about 34 hours a week. The officers will likely be on duty Thursday night through Sunday night for about 8 hours a night. If all those assumptions are right, that means the BID will fund one extra officer. If the BID is participating in ABRA’s matching program, then the city may pick up the tab for a second cop.


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