The Morning Metropolitan

Good morning Georgetown, hope you enjoyed the mild early summer temperature this weekend:

  • Cupcakes replacing wedding cakes? GM admits that he went that route too. DC Examiner quizes Georgetown Cupcake on the trend
  • The Post takes a trip down memory lane to visit Georgetown’s long-gone Tehan’s Restaurant. Interesting tidbit: it used to be illegal to stand up holding an alcoholic drink in the District.
  • Greater Greater Washington takes a look at the GUTS bus issue, an issue Vox Populi has been all over
Photo of Wisconsin Ave. from Flickr user Daquella manera used under Creative Commons license.

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  1. Ben

    Speaking of Tehran, here is a video from Newsweek’s website of the pro-democracy rally last week in front of the Iranian Interest Section (2209 Wisconsin Ave): . I attended Wednesday and Thursday. There were approximately 200 people each day. There will be rallies again tomorrow and Thursday to support free and fair elections in Iran and to pay respect for those killed or injured supporting democracy.

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