WMATA Re-Evaluating 30 Series Changes

Something similar in the works for the D Series?

Tonight at 6:30 pm at St Columba’s Episcopal Church at 4201 Albemarle St. in Tenleytown WMATA will be hosting a public meeting on the 30 series. Last year WMATA adopted several significant changes to the line, incorporating semi-express routes and chopping up the line into shorter segments. GM evaluated some of the changes here, and found that they short-changed Georgetown. To wit:

While it was slow, it had an incredibly short headway of only 3-6 minutes (meaning there is only 3-6 minutes between buses). From a Georgetown perspective, the 30 Series offered a very frequently non-transfer ride straight through downtown or up to Cathedral Heights, Tenleytown or Friendship Heights…After the changes only three lines go through Georgetown: the 31, 32, and 36. Moreover, the 31 bus only goes to Foggy Bottom. The crosstown route now only comes every five minutes during peak and only every fifteen minutes during off-peak. That’s a significant cut in service, particularly for the off-peak hours which is when a lot of Georgetown’s senior citizens use the 30 Series to get around.

To WMATA’s credit, they are taking the chance to re-evaluate the changes and see whether they’ve worked out as planned. Are you unhappy with the changes? Come to Tenleytown tonight and let your voice be heard.

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