ANC Preview: Almost October Edition

The ANC2E will be meeting next Tuesday night for their October session. This is weird for two reasons: it’ll still be September and they normally meet on Mondays (at least these days). So if you’ve got business before the ANC or are a glutton for punishment, like GM, then remember the new date (which was changed to accommodate Yom Kippur).

So what’s on the agenda? Not much, which will be relief after last month’s brutal marathon. But here are the highlights:

  • The ANC apparently will chime in on the unfair and short-sighted Circulator cut;
  • The Merriment in Georgetown festival, which last year had the unluck to land on one of the coldest and windy days of the winter, will be back;
  • Georgetown Cupcake will be back with revised designs for their new flagship store on M St. Last month the plans were criticized for the incongruity between the elegant storefront and the ugly 80’s building above. Short of redesigning the whole building, it’s not clear how they get around that problem.
  • Speaking of Potomac St. stores, Philadelphia Pizza (or “Philly P’s” as the kids call it) is back. They’ve gotten a series of pretty severe tongue lashings in the past for being a bad neighbor (namely for being a good neighbor, so to speak, to those aforementioned kids). This will be a good chance to see whether they’ve shaped up or not.

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