Note to Journalists…

There’s no Whole Foods in Georgetown:

Note to Journalists: There's no Whole Foods in Georgetown

Yes, it’s a bit confusing that Whole Foods calls the squarely-in-Glover-Park Whole Foods the “Georgetown Whole Foods”, but if you can get a quote from the DCFD spokesman, you can use google maps.


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3 responses to “Note to Journalists…

  1. Which does beg a certain question: where exactly does the north end of Georgetown end? The west end of the village is delineated by the university; the south by the Potomac; and the east by Rock Creek. So what’s the northern boundary? Whitehaven?

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  3. thanks for checking in on this one. man, there’s nothing i hate more than neighborhood creep, and it’s crazy how they’ve jumped completely over burleith to claim some part of georgetown in what is clearly glover park.

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