Georgetown Water Taxi Promised

Georgetown Waterfront by Oblivious Dude.

Last August, GM reported that a water taxi route may open between Nationals Stadium and Georgetown. The hope didn’t pan out last season, but there’s reason to believe that Georgetown may soon finally get itself a water taxi.

JD Land is reporting that American River Taxi is planning to start up a river taxi service between Nationals Stadium, the Gangplank Marina in SW, Alexandria and Georgetown. There are only a few details, but the service is supposed to start up during the second quarter.

Taking a boat to a Nats game may actually be fast way to get there. By GM’s estimation, there’s about five miles of water between Georgetown and Nationals Stadium. Most water taxis go around 15 to 20 knots, which means the trip would take only about 15 minutes. (By the way, here’s an interesting presentation on water taxis done for San Fran).

A ride down to Old Town would take more like a half an hour. But still, that’s not so bad, plus it’s an awfully nice way to travel.

They’re even promising an eventual stop at National Airport. That one seems a little far fetched for GM, but you never know.



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