The Morning Metropolitan

Georgetown Waterfront by SC Young.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:


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  1. Kate Whitmore

    I used to live across the street from the 7th Precinct police station and it was a very lively place. My friends and I knew all the cops and once they even let us hang out in the jail cells during a quiet afternoon. We would watch the paddy wagons come and go at all hours, often dropping off unruly people who would spend the night in one of the few cells in the rear. My mother locked herself out of the house more than once and each time the police produced a ladder to help her “break in ” through a bedroom window.

    The station ended where the current house ends to the West. Beyond that was a low wall that extended as far as the two brick houses currently on that site. There was a driveway at the end of the wall that led down a ramp to the parking lot below. Police cars could drive in through the archway as well. That archway led down to various alleys that were my shortcut to school (Hyde).

    I miss the friendly atmosphere of that local police station. There is a picture of the interior at the Idaho Avenue station, hanging on the wall to the right of the front desk.

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