Marc Teren’s Plans For Scheele’s Reportedly Scrapped

As reported here over the last year or so, the Scheele family is trying to sell the historic market that bears its name at Dumbarton and 29th St.

Soon after the building went on the market, Georgetown resident, Marc Teren, stepped forward to buy the building. Although he promised to keep the market around, given the controversy over his efforts to subdivide the Friendly estate on 31st St., many in the neighborhood were concerned.

A group of neighbors led by Mike Peabody eventually worked out a creative arrangement to secure the long term existence of the market. But GM heard from a reliable source this week, however, that the sale of the property to Teren is off.

GM will provide updates as he gets them, but as of right now it appears that the building is again for sale. What that means for the long term existence of the market, or the Lee family that operates it, is unclear.



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6 responses to “Marc Teren’s Plans For Scheele’s Reportedly Scrapped

  1. At one point in Georgetown’s history, we had many markets serving the community. Scheele’s Market at the corner of 29th and Dumbarton is the longest surviving market in town. We used to have Neam’s Market at P and Wisconsin, Magruder’s at 1357 Wisconsin, the Food Mart at 31st & M, the Georgetown Market at 3206 Grace Street (a favorite of Julia Childs), Fisher Market at Wisc. and N, the original Safeway, the ’89 Market, not to mention the many wine and beverage shops which purveyed fine cheeses as well. Each one, save Scheele’s, went the way of “progress.” Today, the new Safeway is a city unto itself. It is hard to think of it as a grocery store. Dean and DeLuca is here, serving up gourmet foods at gourmet food prices. Griffin Market is doing a good job, stick with it. Scheele’s should stay as a market, as a museum to the way things used to be around here.

  2. Jim McCarthy

    Don’t forget the French Market which was located at Wisconsin and Q – and was around for many years up until about ’95. Can’t help wondering if it’s just coincidence that the BID has been locating their own “French Market” event there. Sounds like that could be an intriguing GM investigative piece..!

  3. Could not agree more that Georgetown needs Scheele’s left as a market. It’s a fabulous place; it’s part of the great attraction and charm of living here. Important for people who live here to patronize small, essential shops like this…. Scheele’s even has organic milk now, and wonderful sandwiches, at very good prices. The lettuce and mushrooms, etc., I’ve bought there have always been excellent…. and when things get tough, it’s a great source for Pepperidge Farm Milanos…..

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  5. EastGeorgetowner

    Please continue or start to patronize Scheele’s – that is what will enable them to stay!

  6. Man do I miss both the French Market and Neam’s; it was always a bit of a treasure hunt going in those places. Now if only someone would buy the lease on the old Patisserie Didier/Grace & Bamboo restaurant and turn IT into a local market for those of us who live in the Cherry Hill section of the village.

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