ANC Preview: Ugh Edition

The September ANC meeting is always a slog. The commission takes August off, so a whole second month’s worth of projects backs up waiting for review. Thus next Monday’s meeting is not for the faint of heart.

But the one upside of so many projects is that there are some interesting topics. Let’s dive in:

Morso’s Long Shot

Apparently Morso Restaurant at 3277 M St. is applying for a permit to allow sidewalk tables and chairs. There is no way there’s enough space on the sidewalk for tables and chairs on M St. Curiously, the agenda discusses “sidewalk tables and chairs on Prospect Street at the side of Moreso.” GM guesses that it’s supposed to say “Potomac St.” since the east side of Morso faces Potomac St. Nonetheless, given the battle that Potomac St. residents waged on Philly Pizza, GM suspects they may have something to say about a new sidewalk cafe. GM hopes something can be worked out.

George Back Again

Back in May, the owners of George came before the ANC to request a new voluntary agreement. As it stands, the bar still operates under the Georgetown Billiards VA, which they consider overly restrictive. The meeting was tense at times, and it was hard to see where they would find common ground.

Well they’re back again requesting a termination of the VA again. GM hasn’t had a chance to track down anyone who knows about this, so it could be that they worked out their issues or it could be another tense showdown. We’ll see!

Capital Bikeshare

DDOT is requesting approval for three of its four proposed Georgetown Capital Bikeshare stations. The one interesting thing to note is that one of the locations on the agenda is 3570 Prospect St. (basically the top of the Car Barn). That is not one of the proposed locations. GM wonders whether this is a replacement for the Georgetown University station. Would this be a better location than the school’s gate, as originally proposed?


Now that GM has started twittering, he can finally live-tweet the ANC meeting. So tune in at!



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4 responses to “ANC Preview: Ugh Edition

  1. Well, at least Morso can have a line outside up Potomac, ala Cupcake shop. Maybe Morso should just sell cupcakes, come to think of it.

  2. Johnny

    I thought Morso filed for bankruptcy? Now they want to expand on the sidewalks?

  3. Sg

    The fact that DDOT needs/wants ANC approval for these stations is a disaster. Just put them in- otherwise, the implementation will take til December, when it’s too cold to ride anyways.

  4. Ken Archer

    re: Sidewalk Tables

    Tommy Wells is telling Ward 6 ANCs that, instead of requiring ANC approval for sidewalk tables, they should ask at ABC renewal time why restaurants don’t have sidewalk tables.

    Sidewalk tables reduce crime (who wants to grab a purse or iPhone on a block with outside diners watching?). And on the west side of Potomac St, where there is plenty of room for tables, they would turn a blank wall into an attractive, walkable stretch of the neighborhood.

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