ANC Changes Expected for Next Term

Today is the deadline to turn in your petitions to run for ANC commissioner. Barring some last minute entrant, however, it appears the make-up of the next term’s ANC is set, and it will include a couple new faces.

First there is Single Member District 4, where student commissioner Aaron Golds will hand over the reins since he’s graduating next spring. The only candidate that has stepped forward is GU sophomore Jake Sticka. He told the Georgetown Voice last spring that he’s “pretty concerned about whether or not the student voice is being heard, and whether or not the community actually respects the University and the students’ role in the community. Hopefully, on the ANC, I can advocate for those interests.”

Secondly there’s SMD 3, which Bill Skelsey has represented since 2003, making him the second longest serving commissioner behind Bill Starrels (Tom Birch was first elected before Skelsey but has not served continuously since then). Skelsey hasn’t picked up an application and GM’s sources tell him that Skelsey doesn’t plan to run again this year (GM reached out to Skelsey for confirmation but did not receive a response).

Two residents have stepped forward to run for SMD 3: Jeffrey Jones of 3526 P St. and Michael Savage of 3425 O St. It’s a genuine electoral competition, we haven’t had one of those since 2004 when a friend of GM took a failed run against Pam Moore for SMD 6.

GM looks forward to covering this exciting race.


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  1. So, do you have any information on Jeffrey Jones or Michael Savage to enlighten us as to which way to vote?

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