The Morning Metropolitan

M St. shop window by DBKing.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

  • Drivers can now turn left onto Wisconsin from eastbound M St. This should lessen the congestion on some of the side streets used by drivers to circumvent the old no-left-turn prohibition.
  • Remember, mayoral debate at Tony and Joe’s this Friday.

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  1. We’ll see what it does to M Street traffic. The reason that left turns were prohibited was because they caused tremendous traffic problems on M Street, the major throughfare in Georgetown. At least it will hopefully lessen traffic tie-ups on 31st Street, which is good, because once the Post Office condo-shops project of EastBanc is undeway, the traffic there will be abominable.

    And hopefully left hand turns onto 33rd will decrease, thereby decreasing the chances of running over cupcake groupies who disregard streetlights in their pursuit of their daily fix of calories.

    Now if they would just do away with left hand turns onto Bank Street………oh wait, EastBanc has an underground parking lot there …… never mind.

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