First Look: The Georgetown Library

The fences around the Georgetown Library came down the other day, which gave GM and chance to poke around the building as it nears completion. He took a few shots, so check them out:

Above is the new ramp that goes from the side walk up the the front door. It’s well done and merges into the landscaping when you look at the building from the front.

There is a large patio right out the back door of the library. Below that is a sloping terrace down to the lower level. This is where the children’s library will be. The sloping terrace allows a lot of light in.

Here’s the patio. It’s quite large. It’s not clear yet whether the library will allow ingress and egress to and from the patio, but GM hopes so since it would help activate this beautiful space. Better still would be if the library followed the recent trend of installing cafes. What a great place to buy a coffee and read a book?

The driveway is surfaced with an attractive small Belgian block. It’s a bit bigger than the old one. With all the abundant parking on R and Wisconsin around the library, this seems like overkill.

Speaking of parking, there are three bike racks right next to the library, and about six more on the sidewalk right outside.

The inside is still coming together, but you can make out how they’ve mixed the modern with the historic. It truly looks like it will be an absolutely fantastic space when the work is done.

The library is set to open October 18th.


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5 responses to “First Look: The Georgetown Library

  1. Wait until you see the rest of the interior, especially the new Peabody Room!

  2. I second the motion for an on-site cafe to raise revenue. I would definitely sit out here with friends on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

  3. EastGeorgetowner

    An outdoor cafe with coffee and light food is a great idea — it would become a real neighborhood destination, bringing traffic to the library and making it more of a centerpiece of the community than it was before.

  4. Brendan

    i’m guessing from the photo, but i’m fairly sure the driveway is permeable paver bricks, to allow infiltration of rainwater.

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