Georgetown Votes

Voting in Georgetown was light on Tuesday, even for an “off-year.” The number of voters who showed up was down from 2006 (the last “off-year”) both as a matter of percentage of registered voters as well as in real numbers:

  • 2006:
    • Registered voters: 8856
    • Turnout: 1891
    • Percent: 21%
  • 2010
    • Registered voters: 9411
    • Turnout: 1803
    • Percent: 19%

Interestingly, while the total amount of voters showing up was off about 5%, the number of those voters who bothered to cast a vote for ANC was off by 10%.

Look how it breaks down by candidate:

2006 Write in 2010 Write in
Lewis 200 7 167 13
Starrels 151 7 137 13
Birch 448 16 418 8
Eason 302 19 270 20
Skel./Jones 136 5 124 2
Solomon 287 4 248 9
Lowen./Sticka 20 1 6 1


Every candidate saw fewer votes than they (or their predecessor) received in 2006. Lewis and Starrels saw a few more write-in votes. And Jake Sticka won with a grand total of 6 vote. With the exception of Sticka’s small total, each of the candidates won easily, but GM’s scratching his head wondering why so many Georgetowners decided to skip this section this year.

As for the big votes, there were much bigger changes there. For one, Fenty won Georgetown with somewhere around 860 votes to 767. For that, GM is assuming that almost all the write-in votes went to Fenty. For what it’s worth only 25 voters cast write-in votes in 2006. If even twice that number wrote in someone other than Fenty, he’d still beat Gray.

The East Village went more strongly for Fenty than the West Village, giving him 52% of their vote compared with the 47% that the west side gave him. There were only 12 more write-ins than Gray votes in the West Village, so perhaps Gray actually took that precinct, but GM doesn’t know yet for sure.

And it’s unlikely that Fenty simply won with Georgetown’s Republican voters. In 2006, the Republican mayoral candidate only won 17% of the vote in Georgetown. In 2008, John McCain won about 21% of Georgetown’s votes. That’s probably about the percentage of Republicans in Georgetown. So clearly a lot of Democrats in Georgetown are unhappy enough with Gray to cast a protest vote. (Of course, one of the organizers of the small Write-In Fenty group is John Hlinko, a Georgetown resident. So that may have contributed to the high numbers.)


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4 responses to “Georgetown Votes

  1. A sad commentary on the Democratic process. Georgetown is a microcosm of the USA. No one bothered to go to the polls except Republicans and wacky Tea Partiers.

  2. KPE

    Nothing was contested, so I’m not exactly sure what I should have been voting on. I like my ANC. The overall election wasn’t contested… so I’m not sure what’s so surprising about no one voting in an election where there was nothing to vote on.

  3. KPE

    That came out wrong– I personally had nothing to vote for, so I’m hesitant to draw any conclusions from this low turnout. If the mayoral race were actually competitive and the turnout remained low, that would be another story altogether.

  4. GM

    True, but 2006 was equally uncontested. In fact, you could argue that it was less contested since there was no write in effort. I can only guess that this election brought out more new voters who only really wanted to write in Fenty and have no idea what the ANC even is.

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