Tudor Place Sent Back to the Drawing Board

Last Thursday, Tudor Place came before the Old Georgetown Board to seek approval for the concept of its proposed master construction plan. As you may remember, Tudor Place went before the ANC and the OGB in October.

In short: A group of some of the neighbors is objecting to Tudor Place’s plans as they are currently drafted. Some 32nd St. neighbors are particularly concerned about the proposed addition to the garage on the west side of the property. They have suggested Tudor Place dramatically scale back their plans. Tudor Place responds that they have taken many of the neighbors’ suggestions and the plan represents a compromise between the neighbors’ concerns and Tudor Place’s needs.

The ANC essentially took no side and merely expressed a desire for the discussion to continue. The OGB, on the other hand, deferred a decision to embark on a site visit. Having performed a site visit between its October and November meetings, the OGB was prepared to pass judgment last week, and it wasn’t what Tudor Place was hoping for.

The OGB essentially told Tudor Place to go completely back to the drawing board. Here’s specifically what they found:

  • Tudor Place should try to store the estate’s documents off-site rather than build a large on-site storage facility.
  • The proposed gatehouse is too large.
  • They suggested that visitors should approach the building from the north, not the side, which would imply that the entrance should be moved up the block.
  • Speaking of up the block, the board suggested that Tudor Place should better utilize 1670 31st St. (the home just north of the entrance, which is owned by Tudor Place) before building a lot of unnecessary new buildings.
  • Ruled out any additions to the garage other than perhaps a greenhouse.
  • Ruled out an addition to the tool shed (where they were proposing a green house).

Basically the OGB rejected all the essential elements of Tudor Place’s proposal. What this means for the overall project is not clear at this time.


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2 responses to “Tudor Place Sent Back to the Drawing Board

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  2. Donna Maupin

    In April my daughter and I visited Tudor Place. It is amazing! I was disconcerted though that some exterior doors have been replaced with modern doors instead of using framework and doors that are historically correct. Armisted Peter III would be upset!
    I supported the cause via considerable purchases in the gift store – which has a remarkable selection of items.

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