Georgetown to Get Yet Another Circulator?

From GGW and DCist, GM learned yesterday that DDOT is considering adding several new Circulator lines. Included amongst them is a possible third route through Georgetown.

DDOT held a recent public meeting to unveil their long term plans for the Circulator. They are proposing some pretty ambitious expansions (some of which could simply be placeholders for an eventual streetcar line). Here’s a map of the corridors they identified (c/o DCist):

The new line proposed for Georgetown appears to go from Union Station (like one of the Current Georgetown routes does) and goes down along the mall. From there it appears to take Constitution through Foggy Bottom to Pennsylvania Ave. From there it gets a little out of whack since it seems to head up diagonally through the East Village to Wisconsin and Q. Unless they’re equipping it with jet packs, this isn’t the actual route but merely a general indication where this route would go.

This seems mostly suited (if not wholly suited) to tourists shuttling back and forth from the National Mall to Georgetown. And for that, it may be a pretty worthwhile route. Plus, it would appear to double the available Circulator buses to take you from Georgetown to the Foggy Bottom Metro stop.

DDOT is also proposing extending the Rosslyn-Dupont Circulator up to 14th and U. This would be pretty handy since there aren’t any routes that directly connect Georgetown with this popular night spot. Although it could cause the line to be more delayed as it works through the congested streets between Dupont and U St.

The proposals are far from being implemented. DDOT would like to get them in place within 10 years. Although given the tourist-focus of the proposed Georgetown route, GM speculates that it would be amongst the earlier routes to actually be implemented. That is if funding is identified. A huge if.



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3 responses to “Georgetown to Get Yet Another Circulator?

  1. We can REBRAND Georgetown now…….

    Let’s call it BUSTOP!

    When all is said and done, a metro stop would have been the best answer to bringing people to Georgetown. Now that Georgetown Park Mall is practically empty, why not build a metro line into the Mall……just like in that Kevin Costner movie “No Way Out.”

  2. asuka

    @Dave Roffman,

    They’d rather waste money on a trolly system no one will use and will only contribute more congestion, noise, and giant overhead power cables.

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