The Georgetown Metropolitan Enters its Terrible Twos

Two years ago today, the Georgetown Metropolitan began its web publication (171 years after its print publication ceased). This week, to celebrate entering its Terrible Twos, the Georgetown Metropolitan will look back on the five most popular news articles from last year. Because growing up means learning from the past, right?

Today, the fifth most popular post from last year: “Mark Ein is a Terrible Steward of the Beall-Washington House

This post was inspired primarily by the fact that during the aftermath of Snowmageddon, the sidewalks outside the Beall-Washington house (Katherine Graham’s old house at 30th and R) weren’t cleared. Since the sidewalk outside this estate are a couple hundred feet long, this had no small impact on the ability of neighbors to move about.

GM took the opportunity to point out the other ways in which Mr. Ein’s ownership of the house has been unfortunate: the house is in disrepair, he attempted to illegally subdivide the property, and he never actually moved in, leaving the house depressingly dark and empty all the time.

When Ein heard of GM’s complaints, he wasn’t too pleased. He told Carol Joynt that he tries to be a good neighbor and that the lack of shoveling was a result of a miscommunication between himself and the groundskeeper. At the time of his conversation with Joynt he claimed that the sidewalks were then cleared. By the way, GM checked that night and while some of the sidewalk was better cleared, it wasn’t much good since the south end of the sidewalk (along 30th st.) was still unshoveled for 100 feet or so.

Ein claimed to Joynt that he still intended to move into the house eventually. However, GM hears that the house is privately up for sale.

In retrospect, though, GM thinks he was probably a tad too harsh on Ein. But seeing such a blatant disregard for the mobility of others made GM pretty upset, and if he had to touch a nerve to get some results, so be it.

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One response to “The Georgetown Metropolitan Enters its Terrible Twos

  1. So what were the other four stories of the year?

    Mark Ein sounds like a real friendly chap……..

    Why did he run to Carol Joynt to explain his side of the story? What gives there?

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