Looks Like Somebody Didn’t Get Their New Year’s Smooch

From MPD2d:

On Friday, December 31, 2010, at 11:50 p.m. a Simple Assault/Domestic Violence offense occurred in the 3200 block of M St., N.W. (PSA 206) and was subsequently reported to the MPD.

The victim reported that he and his girlfriend were having a verbal dispute. The dispute turned physical when his girlfriend began to punch, knee and kick him. The victim sustained defensive injuries to his left hand and bruises to his neck. The MPD was summoned and arrested the suspect. This is a closed case.

And with that, crime in Georgetown closed out its 2010 numbers. And what did they look like? Sort of a mixed bag really.

  • Total crimes: 880 (down 4.76%)*
  • Categories up in 2010:
    • Stolen Autos up 10.53%
    • Robberies up 26.83%(!)
    • ADW up 48%(!!)
    • Sexual Assault up 200%(!!!)
  • Categories down in 2010:
    • Thefts down .18% (there was only one less theft in 2010)
    • Burglary down 12.2%
    • Car Break-ins down 36.67%

In fairness, some of these percentages are getting skewed by how low the numbers are.  But they are troubling nonetheless. GM will dig in a little more to the numbers over the next week or so, so stay tuned!

*Interestingly, at the ANC meeting Luitenant Hedgecock stated that crime in Georgetown (i.e. PSA 206) was down 6%, so either he’s got different stats than GM or someone’s math is wrong.

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