The Morning Metropolitan

Photo by KMF64.


Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

  • GM needs to correct something from yesterday: the ANC will not, repeat, will not be considering a resolution on GU’s ten year plan next week. Since they have until April for the Zoning Commission hearing, there’s no rush.
  • JFK used to have his presidential booty calls at Paul Niven’s house at 3629 Prospect St.

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  1. Carol Joynt

    JFKs main safe house was the Alsop house at 2720 (i think that # is correct) Dumbarton, which up until the current renovation was intact exactly as old man Alsop left it. Not much on the outside–looks like a bunker– but impressive inside. When I saw visited it was as JFK knew it, and if only those walls could talk, and in particular the cozy garden swimming pool! I’m thrilled I got the privilege before it got messed with. Felt like a museum that should have been preserved for all time. While JFK was there many times, its famously where he partied till the wee hours after the inaugural balls, rumored to have been joined by Judith Exner when Jackie was back at the White House. Read Kitty Kelly and others for details. “Georgetown Ladies Social Club” by C. David Heymann is rich with details about what went on and when in certain Georgetown homes. Fun reading. Another is Sally Bedell Smith’s “Grace and Power,” which focuses on the Kennedys during the White House years, including their social life in Georgetown. THERE SHOULD BE A WALKING TOUR WITH THESE AUTHORS!!!

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