Not So Long Ago: O St.

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Today for Not So Long Ago, GM stops by the little O St. commercial strip. Today there’s the English Rose Garden, Wingo’s, and Prince and Princess. But in 1993, it was what might be Vivian’s, Olympic Carry Out, and the Georgetown Shoe Hospital.

Because GM can’t know for sure what the name of the far left store is, he can’t find any information on it. It looks like it was a gift or clothing store.

GM knows that Wingo’s opened in 2001. GM’s not sure when the Olympic Take Out place closed. It appears to have been a Greek fast food joint (making it the second space to formerly house a Greek restaurant to be featured in Not So Long Ago). It’s funny to see the tree outside Wingo’s not covered in beads.

GM believes that the Georgetown Shoe Hospital, or some version of it, is now the cobbler that’s at 3147 Dumbarton Ave., right next to Big Planet Comics. The space on O St. where is was has been merged with Prince and Princess, a clothing store that occupies the corner of O and Wisconsin.

Finally, the O St. Studio, an exercise and physical therapy provider, appears not to have changed a lick since 1993.

Here are the photos if the above Flash file doesn’t work:



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3 responses to “Not So Long Ago: O St.

  1. Wingo’s used to be a wonderful shop that sold authentic American Indian jewelry. The proprietor was Muriel Fine. To the left of this store was Georgetown Graphics, which was a very popular gallery which represented some of America’s best artists, including sculptor Henry Moore. Its owner was Lee Silberstein, a respected art dealer.

    Across the street was Dorothy Stead’s, a very successful women’s fashion shop which catered to Washington’s elite. This block of O Street used to be one of the lovliest commercial blocks in Georgetown, before it was taken over by fast-food carryouts.

  2. Dave

    My wife and I used to live up the street and went to Olympic all the time. Run by a familty, with mom cooking and the dad making deliveries. I recall that he died in the mid ninties and one of daugters took it over for while.

  3. EastGeorgetowner

    I happen to like Wingo’s and, in any event, there are WONDERFUL shops on the south side of O Street — Bil Donohue’s Antiques of Georgetown, David Friedman’s Susquehanna Antiques, and Cote Jardin. Much to commend this block today, actually.

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