The Georgetown Metropolis

Dumbarton Oaks



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5 responses to “The Georgetown Metropolis

  1. EastGeorgetowner

    GM, do you know what that loud thudding noise is that you described a few weeks ago? I heard it again this morning, starting at about 6:45am, very loudly in the East Village. It sounds like it could be coming from the West End or somewhere south of M Street…

  2. GM

    EG: It’s the Old Guard at Arlington practicing:

    Something needs to be done to stop this.

  3. EastGeorgetowner

    I found out that the person to call is Mary Ann Hodges, PR Director of the Joint Base, 703-696-4979, FYI. I am supportive of the Old Guard but it seems like they could find a better time to do this….

  4. EastGeorgetowner

    Correction — the contact is Major General John Miller, 703-696-4183.

  5. EastGeorgetowner

    Correction to the correction — Major John Miller is the title.

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