The Morning Metropolitan

Photo by M.V. Jantzen.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

  • GM noticed a few changes over the weekend to M St. shops: White House Black Market is gone, and Zed’s is now called Das.
  • Also, CB2 is open now. GM went to an opening party for it on Friday, and it was just weird. It was like they imported chic party-goers from New York to sip champagne on the couches while being photographed. How do you get that job?


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3 responses to “The Morning Metropolitan

  1. What does CB2 stand for? Car Barn Two? Cabbage and Bacon? Chubb Corp? Citizens’ Band? Community Builder? CrackBerry? Chrysler Building? Concret Block? Carte Bancaire? Cell Broadcast? Care Bears? Corned Beef? Cold Beer?

    Whatever, just CB2 is so impersonal.

  2. GM

    It’s Crate and Barrel, but I like the cold beer idea. Maybe we can open a CB3.

  3. Downtown Dave

    Good news for Project Runway fans… White House Black Market at 3103 M is becoming a Michael Kors shop. The luxury march continues in the ‘hood.

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