Not So Long Ago: M and Wisconsin

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This week on Not So Long Ago, GM swings back down to M St. A new feature this week, GM realized that the two of his 1993 photos were of side-by-side. So he lined them up in a cheap panoramic and took two new matching shots. That way you can see a much bigger chunk of this block. The drawback is that the photo isn’t as clear, but click the photos below to see a higher resolution shot of each.

Left to right nowadays, there is Tommy Hilfiger, True Religion Jeans, Georgetown Gallery Souvenirs, and Barbour. Eighteen years ago the scene was a lot different, although not entirely.

First of the left was the Market Home Furnishings, which apparently carried sofas, mattresses, futons, and the like. The Tommy store only opened a few years ago, and for the life of him, GM can’t remember what was in the space before Tommy Hilfiger was there. Does anyone remember? (By the way, it looks like that Tommy Hilfiger store is closing and will be replaced by an Athleta store). There’s still a sofa, mattress, futon, etc. store in Georgetown; it’s up on Wisconsin by Reservoir.

Next to the right was a store called “Racquet and Jog”. The store, apparently, sold tennis and running equipment. There is another store of the same name in Rockville right now. There’s also one in Tyler, Texas. It seems unlikely that they were related, but you never know. GM knows that by at least 2004, this space was occupied by a clothing store called LVLX.

Next over was the exact same store that is there now (although under a slightly different name): the Gallery of Georgetown (now it’s the Georgetown Gallery). Eighteen years ago it advertised jewelry, African art and gifts. Nowadays it advertises African art, luggage, t-shirts, and beads. It’s probably among the top five longest surviving M St. business in Georgetown.

Finally, the last to the right was a Foot Locker. The Footlocker was open as late as 2004. Barbour only moved in last year, replacing Richey & Co.

Oddly enough, in the 18 years since this photo was taken, Georgetown went through a dip in athletic goods stores. Just five years ago there was only the Georgetown Running Co. to buy genuine athletic gear. Now we have Lululemon, City Sports, and soon will have an Athleta. None of those have the charm of Racquette and Jog, perhaps, but it’s sure nice to be able to pick up a set of tennis balls in Georgetown.

Click the photos below to get a higher resolution shot:


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8 responses to “Not So Long Ago: M and Wisconsin

  1. Brad Altman

    Before The Market futon store it was a men’s clothing store called Dash’s Designer. They had several stores in the area and are now gone. The Gallery is one of the last remnents of the famous “head shops” all over Georgetown in the 70’s.

  2. Carol Joynt

    Remember Orpheus? Now THAT was a head shop. Wow. It gave the whole street a buzz. How about Condomrageous? To think Georgetown once had a condom store on M next to City Tavern. LOL, BUT – Tis true, tis true. Pretty cool, and so progressive!

  3. Carol Joynt

    PS-I think the futon store is the same location for the video arcade. Am I right? Someone help me. What was it called? Starland? So much fun….in the days before ESPN Zone.

  4. Retail Ninja

    …the video arcade was where Chipotle is….

  5. PK

    Loved Market Furnishings! Got bookshelves for my first apartment in college from there!

  6. SG

    Retail Ninja is a great addition to this blog. Give us more retail gossip/local knowledge!!

  7. Farush

    The owner of Dash’s still owns the spot the spot where Chipolte is now. He’s a family friend and he makes $20,000 a month in rent from that location.. Not bad.

  8. Juan Carlos

    Before Tommy Hilfiger there was a store called Mexx. It is a chain from the Netherlands owned by Liz Claiborne.
    Hope this helps even though this article was posted more than a couple of months ago.

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