By The Way, You Could Open a Gun Shop in Georgetown

A while back, GM wrote about the possibility of gun shops opening up in Georgetown. At the time (i.e. early 2009) the Zoning Commission was trying to develop rules to comply with the fallout of the Heller decision, which forced the District to liberalize its gun laws.

The idea floated was that no store could be closer than 300 feet from residential areas, schools, libraries, churches and playgrounds. Well GM lost track of the rules until it was brought up recently by Mike DeBonis at the Post.

The map above was produced by the city and shows in blue where a shop would be allowed as a matter of right. In Georgetown that’s basically M St. from just west of Wisconsin all the way east to 28th.

Needless to say, no gun shops have opened up since these rules became effective. But would you freak out if one did? GM would be perfectly happy if one didn’t open up in Georgetown, but he’s not so sure how much he’d care if one did.



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4 responses to “By The Way, You Could Open a Gun Shop in Georgetown

  1. i think something along the lines of Purdey ( would be fantastic, or any such purveyor of sophisticated sporting goodies. Pretty small market for $200k side-by-sides, to be sure, but the craftsmanship gets them in the door and they’ll leave w/ tweed jackets.

  2. RNM

    I personally liked the idea floated around a week or two ago about letting the new small size Walmart stores carry guns. They have the distribution system and the code compliance systems in place. Love them or hate them the large box retailers know how to move product and serve people. Maybe instead of wanting a Target (ironic given the topic) in Georgetown Park Mall, a Walmart that stocks weapons makes more sense. It also looks to fit in with the zoning limits. Plus, it would serve the needs of the locals that are not served by high end boutiques favored by the “let them eat cake” constituency.

    I still do not think the Heller ruling was a correct interpretation of the Constitution, and was instead a reversal of 200 years of court rulings. However it is the law of the land. If a right to arms is now an individual right…so be it. Next up taking down the now questionable ban on what type of guns people can own…I think an M-4 would be perfect for securing my property. Besides those things have less kick than a typical handgun, so are far more accurate.

  3. Worried about zombies

    Huh. Interesting that you’d go with a carbine.

    The author of the Zombie Survival Guide settled on an M-1 as his firearm of choice. Dunno why he chose the earlier version.

    Meanwhile, I’d be perfectly happy with a gun shop in East Georgetown, and I live there.

  4. asuka

    Neither assault rifles nor pistols make much sense for “securing property”; for home defense, nothing beats a 870 Wingmaster or Mossberg 500. However, given the increase in “youth” attacks in Georgetown and elsewhere throughout the city (you know, the sort the media likes to ignore), I think it makes a lot of sense to own a PDW these days.

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