The Morning Metropolitan

Big Cheese Truck sandwich by Byron Peebles.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

  • According to WBJ, Vornado is “working closely with local agencies and community groups on a plan [for the Georgetown Park mall] that reinvigorates the neighborhood.” As a boardmember of one of those community groups, GM can say that’s simply not true. Vornado hasn’t really said anything to anyone so far.
  • Albrecht Muth claims that being tried for his wife’s murder is violating the Geneva Convention.


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4 responses to “The Morning Metropolitan

  1. Carol Joynt

    Dear GM: Thank you for the Monday morning Vornado laugh.

  2. “Vornado works closely…” Once again quoting Brando in Streetcar…”Ha, I say. HA, HA.

    As for Muth, he was uttering some truly bizzare things in court the other day. I loved the judge’s response. “I’ll take these things under advisement.” Wearing his general’s uniform in court, for example. I walked by that residence the other day and looked at the front door, wondering about all of the strange sadness that had gone on in there.

  3. asuka

    So because they haven’t spoken with CAG, they’re lying?

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