Not So Long Ago: Wisconsin and Prospect

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This week on Not So Long Ago, GM moves up Wisconsin a few doors from last week. The stretch nowadays hosts the Adidas store and Uggs.

Back in 1993, there appears to have been a tailor up the steps called Georgetown Custom Tailors. The sign frame still remains, but the sign itself is long gone. It looks like the store showed off its wares in small boxes along the stairs. Nowadays those boxes are gone and the upstairs space holds either apartments or private offices.

Next door, was a store called Ladies & Gentlemen Footwear. It being 1993, there’s a large sign in the window for Dr. Marten’s. Other than that, it appears to have been a typical shoe store.

Adidas has been in here since at least 2004. GM’s not sure when then moved in or whether anything else was there between it and Ladies & Gentlemen Footwear.

GM can’t quite figure out what is in the next store down. It looks like a couple of suits are in the window, which would suggest it was a clothing store, but no name is visible on the storefront.

Like the Nobody Beats the Wiz building, this building appears to have benefited greatly from a new paint job between then and now.

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  1. Georgetown Custom Tailors was THE place if you needed to rent a tux when you were a Georgetown undergrad. I believe the suits-in-the-windows building was the sadly-deputed original Britches of Georgetowne, before they opened their separate chain shop and tried to turn themselves into Abercrombie, but I may be mistaken.

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