Not So Long Ago: Wisconsin and Blues Alley

Vodpod videos no longer available.
This week in Not So Long Ago, GM stops by the lowest he’s been yet: Wisconsin Ave. at Blues Alley.

Nowadays this stretch hosts the recently arrived Jack Wills, a vacancy, and Georgetown Tees. It wasn’t so different back in 1993.

Where Jack Willis now stands, there was Nature Food Centres. Nature Food Centres appears to have been a competitor to General Nutrition Centers, with both of them hawking protein shakes as far back as the 1960s. It was based in Massachusetts and while it appears the overall chain isn’t around anymore, there are a few (presumably independent) shops still scattered across the northeast.

GM’s not sure when the health food store moved out. O Salon was here for many years before they moved up to, well, O St. Jack Wills, another one of the seemingly proliferating British men’s stores, opened here last year.

Next to Nature Food Centres, back in 1993, was Jade House, an antiques store. And what’s there now? An empty shop with Jade House still written on the window. So nothing’s been in there since Jade House closed.

Georgetown Tees has been the one steady presence on this block.


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