Georgetown’s Vintage Wall Advertisements

It was recently suggested to GM that he go out and document the vintage wall advertisements that are scattered around Georgetown. (A topic that has attracted plenty of attention in other cities). GM could only find three still around Georgetown, but here they are preserved for posterity.

The one above is located on Wisconsin Ave. just south of Dumbarton. It is for the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co., a concern better known as the A&P. It’s still around, but they’re struggling and recently filed for bankruptcy protection. Where they used to spread from New England all the way to the south, the few remaining stores are mostly in the north. GM’s not sure if there ever was an A&P in Georgetown.

The next ad is on the side of 3112 M St. It appears to GM to be an ad for Quaker (as in oats). The line across the top appears to say “The World’s Greatest” (although the last word looks at lot more like “Greanast”).

The last ad is almost right next door to the Quaker ad. This one says (as far as GM can make out): “3108 R[something] Bernard’s Steam Bakery”. That building is 3108 M St., so that explains the number, but GM can’t find any record of a “Bernard’s Steam Bakery”, but it sure sounds nice.

Any other vintage ad that GM missed?



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3 responses to “Georgetown’s Vintage Wall Advertisements

  1. Chris

    I think the Quaker sign says “The World’s Breakfast.”

  2. The A&P sign is painted on the north elevation of the c. 1890 Marcey-Payne Building, 1325 Wisconsin Avenue, NW. To my knowledge, A&P was never located at this address.

  3. ChillyDC

    Wow. I’ve lived in Georgetown for almost 25 years, and I’ve never noticed these. I check your blog every day to see what I’m missing around me! Thanks so much for being here.

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