Construction Finally Begins on Waterfront Fountain/Ice Rink

Construction has finally begun on the plaza at the Washington Harbour complex. As you may know, MRP Realty is planning to completely overhaul the fountain. For the warm months, they are building it to provide a waterworks extravaganza. Charlie McGrath, Senior Vice-President at MRP, told GM that the model they apparently are gunning for is the Bellagio fountain in Vegas:

They likely won’t have music or be quite as extravagant, but the idea is that they will be more dynamic than your typical boring fountain.

Of course, what GM is particularly excited about is their plans once it gets cold (or rather if it ever gets cold again). By next winter, the fountain will become what MRP promises is the largest outdoor ice rink in the city (not that there’s a ton of competition in that department).

Will it look as festive and watercolory as this? Probably not, but it should quickly become a huge asset for the community.


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  1. Very interesting–where exactly would this be located?

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