Shophouse to Open Up in Old Furin’s Space

Photo by M.V. Jantzen.

Old Georgetown Board records indicate that a new tenant for the old Furin’s space at 2805 M St. has been found: Shophouse.

Shophouse is a new concept from the company behind the Chipotle chain of restaurants. It is an attempt to do for Asian cuisine what the other restaurant did for Mexican food. That is, bring the “fast casual” concept to a food category known more for greasy spoon type establishments. (And what’s “fast casual”? A restaurant that doesn’t offer table service but promises higher quality food than your typical pay-first-fast-food restaurant. DC has been somewhat overrun with them recently, which GM doesn’t necessarily think is a bad thing.)

Chipotle’s first and only Shophouse branch was opened in Dupont last year next to two other “fast casual” places: BGR and the Georgetown-bred Sweet Green. Reviews have been generally positive, if not necessarily effusive.

Having anything other than a place just like Furin’s going into Furin’s is a little heartbreaking, since it means the old diner is really and truly gone. But it could be a lot worse than Shophouse. And despite Georgetown’s abundance of restaurants, it really doesn’t have many quick lunch spots. Shophouse will help address that gap.



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