Now and a Long Time Ago

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Last year, GM ran a series of articles where he took a photo from a pile of photos taken in 1993 and overlayed them with current photos. The series, dubbed “Now and Not So Long Ago”, was meant to highlight how much has changed in Georgetown over a very short amount of time.

Well, GM still has some photos left from that pile that he hasn’t used, but they’re all pretty boring at this point. So GM is going to use the same technology to compare photos from today with photos from a genuinely long time ago, in other words Now and a Long Time Ago.

And today, GM starts that series with a photo he’s discussed before. It’s a photo of poor children playing in the street from 1935. The house they’re standing outside of is 3617 O St. While in the 1930’s this neighborhood was home to working class, mostly Irish Catholic, families, today it is part of the Georgetown University campus.

According to the Census, in 1930 this house was occupied by George and Ethel Collins and their two children. George was a driver for the DC government and paid $22 a month to rent the house.


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4 responses to “Now and a Long Time Ago

  1. Gregg

    How do you know the children are poor? They look appropriately dressed for the time.

  2. Topher

    Gregg, that’s how the photographer, Carl Mydan, described them:

  3. RobRob

    Were the 1935 photos part of a WPA project?

  4. Mike

    Either that kid in the background is holding a hose, or he has one powerful bladder…This is really cool BTW – enjoy seeing the now & then scenes…

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