The Morning Metropolitan

Photo by ThisisBossi.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:


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2 responses to “The Morning Metropolitan

  1. heynerdlinger

    How hard would it be to install a motion sensor in the clock tower?

  2. RNM

    How hard would it be to cut the line to a motion sensor? Honestly, as someone who has been in the 5th Floor of Healy and as far as the trap door entrance to the clock tower…there are already a ton of obstacles to get past just to get there. Multiple alarmed doors…one just outside the upper doors for Gaston hall and another inside and around the AC handler past the first door. Locks on those doors…and while a few decades ago the second door just had a lock bolted on that could be removed with any wrench after a year after my visit it had been welded in place. And ultimately the trap door is locked and alarmed too…not sure what is beyond that one.

    I am impressed that the door alarms were thwarted, we had a legit reason to be inside the first door and as such had the alarm deactivated…the second door, well that is just being a curious student who happened to have a wrench in my hand…again for a perfectly legit reason. Oh and the view from the “widows walk” on top of Gaston Hall is magnificent day or night. Now if only my camera lens was not broken and shot everything at f22 leaving some rather bad film images.

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