Georgetown Waterfront Park is Kinda Popular

Stop by the Georgetown Waterfront Park on a weekend someday soon: it’s completely packed. And no wonder why, it’s an absolutely beautiful park and people are responding well to it. There must have been at least 500 people there on Sunday when GM walked through.

Children are particularly drawn to the fountain:

It’s important to remember what this stretch of land looked like not so long ago:

Photo courtesy of here.

Thanks to the efforts of countless volunteers and donors, we replaced a massive surface parking lot with a beautiful and incredibly popular park. It goes to show you that you can remove automobile capacity and replace it with something more desirable and yet have even more people come to Georgetown to enjoy it!


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5 responses to “Georgetown Waterfront Park is Kinda Popular

  1. Leonard

    Amen! I live a block away and LOVE it!

  2. The park is great, but this isn’t done yet – there’s that empty lot to the south, by Key Bridge:
    Would be nice to see something commercial there – like a cafe or two or three.

  3. Walter

    The empty lot is destined to become the site of a boat house, probably one of several to be built near Key Bridge.

  4. The empty lot to the south should be converted into a Little League ballpark. Kids hitting home runs into the Potomac River. Fantastic.

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