Peek a Boo!

A tipster passed along this photo to GM recently. It’s of a MPD crime camera hidden away behind the parapet of the Car Barn on Canal Rd. From the street, it just looks like a normal security camera, and you’d probably be excused in thinking it was a GU camera, seeing as they occupy the building.

This camera has been hiding away up there for at least several years. It’s one of at least two MPD cameras in Georgetown. The other is a bit more obvious, next to the Phoenix store on Wisconsin:

Anyone know if there are any other MPD cameras in Georgetown?


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2 responses to “Peek a Boo!

  1. RNM

    Add this the the BID decision to fund “security cameras” (as if a camera makes you secure) and even the IPO of Facebook and privacy is on the ropes. We are all under constant surveillance and our private data is being tracked and sold. Sounds a lot like totalitarian states of days gone by. Hope the pile of data is so much that we can be lost in plain sight.

    PS: Actually thought about going to Martin’s this evening for dinner then my other half reminded me they are going to host one of the police state cameras…so we will no longer dine there.

  2. Carol Joynt

    Two at Wisconsin and M. They have been there for several years.

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