Stuff to Do to Stay Cool

Photo by Dissolved.

It’s wicked hot out there right now. And you probably just want to stay inside all weekend. But you can’t stay inside forever! You’ve got to get outside, and here are some activities you can do to stay cool:

Jack’s Boathouse

Jack’s Boathouse is at the end of Water St. just on the other side of Key Bridge. They rent out canoes, kayaks, and GM’s new favorite: stand up paddle boards. You pay by the hour, but they’re not terribly strict about watching the clock on you.

So long as it hasn’t rained heavily recently, jumping out of the boat for a quick dip is safe. (Although, GM recommends avoiding opening your mouth). You can just slip off a stand up paddle board, but if you want to get out of a canoe or kayak, you should run it aground on a sand bar.

Jack’s gets pretty crowded in the afternoon, so GM recommends getting there early.

Public Pools

This one is sort of obvious, but sometimes people forget that Georgetown has multiple public pools close by. There’s the popular Volta Park pool, but that gets pretty crowded and “meat markety”, if that’s not your thing. Jelleff is a little more family friendly. Finally there’s Francis-Stevens on N and 25th, just the other side of Rock Creek. That’s by far the biggest of the three.

Georgetown Waterfront Park Fountain

This is the newest addition to Georgetown’s water-themed attractions. And it’s hugely popular. Kids and adults alike enjoy splashing through it. Maybe you could use it to wash off the Potomac water after you finish up with Jack’s?

Whatever you do: stay cool, and stay hydrated. And water your street trees too!


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